To Sheen or Not to Sheen…

 By definition sheen means, “shine, or cause to shine softly” with that in mind, the higher the sheen the higher the shine; more sheen also means more durability, makes color appear brighter, and can be stain and moisture resistance. It’s important to understand their characteristics in order to give your project the perfect look. Flat or Matte have no shine and Hi-Gloss is all shine, in between you have eggshell, satins, and Semi Gloss. Below are the qualities each offers.



  • Paints without shine

  • Camouflages imperfections

  • Holds dirt easily and is more difficult to clean

  • Diffuses light

  • Durability: Medium to low


  • Gives an elegant low sheen finish

  • Cleans better than flat finish

  • Best used in moderate traffic areas

  • Durability: Medium


  • Can be wiped clean

  • Good for outdoors and indoors

  • Good for areas with exposure to moisture

  • Durability: High


  • Scrubbed clean with ease

  • Smooth sheen reflects light directly to create shine

  • Good in high traffic areas

  • Stain resistant

  • Durability: High


  • Offers smooth, high shine finish

  • Ideal for surfaces that require frequent washing

  • Highly reflective

  • Tough and stain resistant

  • Durability: Very High



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