What Is Paint-It-Forward?

Josh Abramson started Paint-It-Forward in 2005 as a way to give back his local community. Paint-It-Forward or similar programs focused on giving back to local communities has been adopted by many painting contractors across the United States and Canada.

Since completing the first Paint-It-Forward event over 10 years ago, and now with other painting contractors joining the movement, our combined efforts over the years have reached a goal of over $1,000,000 worth of free painting services and materials delivered to deserving families and nonprofits that are in need of painting services, but can’t afford them.

How Paint-It-Forward Works

Each year we ask our local community to submit stories of a nonprofit or people they know who are in need of painting but can’t afford it due to some difficulties in life that they may have experienced.  Once these stories are submitted, the Sunwest Painting team and its customers vote on the top candidates and announce the winner soon after.  The recipient receives up to $10,000 worth of FREE painting services.

All of our employees (and even some family members) volunteer their time to the recipient.  A freshly painted building or home can brighten their outlook and bring a little painting happiness into their lives.

Submit a Family or Nonprofit Organization in Need

If you know of a family, school, or other nonprofit organization in need of a fresh coat of paint that can’t afford it, please submit their information in the Nominee Info form on the right.

History/Founders of Paint-It-Forward: ALLBRiGHT

Josh Abramson started ALLBRiGHT in 1987 with the goal to not only provide painting happiness through the company’s commercial and residential painting services, but to also improve his local community.

29 years later, Josh has been able to achieve that goal by starting and continuing to grow multiple charity programs focused on serving his local community, including Paint It Pink, Paint It S.M.A.R.T, and the nationwide charity program, Paint-It-Forward.Josh has been recognized for his focus on giving back and has received the National PDCA Humanitiarian Award in both 2013 and 2015.

ALLBRiGHT is a full-service commercial and residential painting company serving Los Angeles, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County.Check out their site for amazing accomplishments, events, and other programs that they started!

Nominate someone you know who is in need of painting but truly cannot afford it.

We Have Joined the Paint-It-Forward Movement

Be a part of Paint-It-Forward;Volunteer, Nominate or Donate Today!

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