Aluminum Siding Painting

Aluminum siding was the exterior finish of choice for housebuilders until the advent of vinyl siding, for very good reasons. It’s sturdy, came pre-painted, and tough against all weather conditions. But there was one massive issue with the aluminum before we go any further. It was the cost after installation that was a killer for homeowners. This caused a massive rise in denver siding repair contractors due to the poor quality of the material – Vinyl and Fiber Cement are the way to go.

But if your home has an aluminum siding exterior, it probably hasn’t been updated in the last ten, twenty, or thirty years – and neither has your paint job. Exterior aluminum siding can get dirty and faded with age, but luckily Sunwest Painting can help get your aluminum exterior looking like new again.

Make Your Home Look Like NEW Again!

Siding painting can refresh your home in ways you didn’t realize possible. You will be amazed at the reaction of your visitors, neighbors and family members once you’ve hired Sunwest Painting to paint the siding of your home. Start today by booking your FREE Estimate.

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