Exterior Brick Painting

Brick is one of the most popular choices for builders. But the cost of replacing or repairing brick can be huge when there’s damage, weathering, or when you want to change the color.

Consider painting brick houses instead! There are several reasons to spruce up your brick exterior with a new paint job.

Increase Value by Exterior Brick Painting

Curb Appeal

A fresh coat of paint will always increase your property value and curb appeal.

Protect and Defend
  • Proper preparation is the key to a long-lasting, durable, and professional-looking brick painting job.
  • Properly applied paint will seal the brick and protect it against the effects of weather and age.
  • Painting your exterior bricks can even protect old brick from further weathering and crumbling, saving you money on costly repairs.
  • Painted brick is less likely to attract mold or damaging ivies and other climbing plants.
Painting Brick, Keeps Costs Low
  • Painted brick, no matter the color, is easier and cheaper to clean and maintain than porous untreated brick.
  • Painting the exterior brick of your home can be a less expensive face-lift  compared to changing the siding or re-roofing your house, and still gives it a significantly updated look.

With brick houses getting older and older, the demand for brick painting is only increasing. At Sunwest Painting, we have the experience and dedication to workmanship to look after all of your brick painting requirements. We offer consultations on color options and can advise you through all aspects of your exterior brick house painting project.

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Are You Interested in Brick Painting or Staining?

Make your old brick home look like new again! A fresh coat of paint on your house will be sure to make your home stand out on the block!