Frequently Asked Questions

At Sunwest Painting we strive for client satisfaction. You may refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or Call Us for More Information.


What should I expect during an estimate?

You can expect a friendly, knowledgeable estimator that will walk you through the details of the prospective job. Learn more about our estimating process.

How do I choose between different contractors?

That is a great question. Quality workmanship is what you should look for. A great way to tell if contractors have quality workmanship is to ask about the preparation process and what materials are used. By focusing on the preparation of your project, a contractor can ensure the longevity of your paint job. With that same regard, quality materials make a big difference. You want to hire a contractor that won't skimp out on preparation and quality materials. Refer to our Contractor Checklist for more details.

Are you licensed and insured? 

We are licensed and insured. We abide by state and local tax and business laws.

Do you offer a Warranty? 

Yes, we offer a Warranty on our projects. Our Warranty is from 3-7 Years

How can I prepare for an Exterior Painting Job

We have an Exterior Preparation checklist that you can refer to.

How can I prepare for an Interior Painting Job?

We have an Interior Preparation checklist that you can refer to.

Are the materials included in the cost of the estimate? 

Materials are included in the estimate unless otherwise specified.

What types of materials do you use? 

We use top of the line materials from our different vendors. Some of our vendors include Dunn Edwards, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Kelly-Moore.

I've decided to book with Sunwest Painting, what do I do next?

That is great news! We have a few steps regarding a deposit and scheduling. Click here for more details.

Our estimators strive to answer any questions you may have during the estimate but feel free to give us a call or send an email if you have any more questions.

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