Condominium Painting and Apartment Painting

With the current condo real estate boom, you can see it from the fantastic listings Eddie Yan has up for example, the interior painting industry has started to cater largely toward the condominium and apartment sector. From downtown high-rises to uptown apartments, Sunwest Painting takes on many indoor painting projects in these types of buildings.

Since more and more people are looking to move into condos similar to Piermont Grand, there are more condo and apartment painting jobs going around. Condo and apartment painting projects are similar to other residential painting jobs, except there are certain rules and procedures we have to abide by with each building. Rules such as condominium parking regulations, specific working hours, noise control requirements, service elevator use, and specific loading guidelines are all unique to each establishment.

At Sunwest Painting we are very respectful to the guidelines set out by each Condo Board, to ensure that the condominium painting gets done right, in good time, and with minimal disruption. Besides the interior of condos and apartments, we have even painted exterior cement balconies of condos. We have successfully painted many condominium and apartment complexes and will continue cater to condo owners and anticipate further accommodation to the condominium boom in the Bay Area.

Why should you think about repainting your Apartment or Condo?

Instant Small Room Makeover

A condo paint job can make small rooms seem bigger or even make your condo ceilings look higher, which can be crucial in small spaces. Make the most of what you have. Bright, light colors for condo can attract the light and make rooms with windows seem even larger and airier. But those aren’t your only options; paint comes in such a huge range of colors that your choices for painting condo walls are endless. We’ll give you our professional advice on choosing colors to compliment your space and make the biggest impact.

Low Cost to You, Low Risk for Your Landlord

As a landlord, I tell my tenants, “you can paint the condo whatever color you want, as long as it’s white when you move out.” So far the teenagers have cycled through neon orange, black, and TARDIS blue. Residential painting ( and specifically condo painting) can bring life and individuality to your living space, without creating a difficult (and expensive) to remove the problem for your security deposit when it’s time to move out again. Your landlord or condo board will be much more likely to approve of a residential painting project than wallpapering home features or other renovations.

Easy to Clean, Clean and Easy

Painted condo walls can be easier to wipe down after spills and scuffs if you use the right paint finish, and can actually help reduce the amount of dirt and dust in your rooms, which in turn improves the quality of the air you and your family breathe in your condo. Talk with one of our representatives about which finish will be right for the different spaces in your condo.

Increase Your Property Value

A new paint job can be one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to get your condo ready for selling. Fresh, bright colors can be inviting and makes your condo look newer, cleaner, and all-around worth the money.

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Job Details


1.) Move all furniture to the center of the room and cover with plastic or move to the area of the house that we are not currently working on.

2.) Cover all hard flooring with red rosin (thick paper) and carpet with .7 mil plastic. (We do not bring drop clothes into your home. Drop clothes hold allergens, dirt, and contaminants from other people’s homes.)

3.) Cover all other surfaces that are not to be painted such as: cabinets, countertops, lights, switches, outlets, etc.

4.) Spray and back roll ceilings (two coats) to provide even and smooth coverage through out.

5.) Fill holes with wood filler in any new trim or areas needed.

6.) Sand all trim, doors, and wood surfaces.

7.) In 80% of our jobs we apply Zinsser BIN shellac primer to wood surfaces whether they have been painted before or not. This is typically to convert oil finishes over to water based finishes. It is also used when a previous paint job was done poorly. This is the strongest primer available from Tradefix Direct and encapsulates the material below it.

8.) Repeat the same process on all doors and drawers at our shop, in our ventilated spray booth and temperature controlled drying rooms.

8.) New pre-primed surfaces receive second coat of primer.

9.) Sand all of the primer once it is dry and spray the finish coat. (Depending on your job you may receive a second coat of finish paint.) For the second coat we will repeat this step.

10.) Cover the new trim with tape and paper.

11.) Repair nail holes and picture hangers in drywall as well as areas of concern that are pointed out during the estimate and noted in the contract.

12.) Lightly sand all of the walls to remove “trash” from previous paint jobs.

13.) Spot texture drywall repairs to blend with the surrounding area.

14.) Prime all new materials: joint compound, texture, new drywall oil based paints.

15.) Brush and roll the walls with the first coat of paint. After it dries we will light sand to remove any additional trash in the paint. The the second and final coat of paint is brushed and rolled. Note: whites, yellows, reds and other transparent colors may take 3-4 coats).

16.) Final step is to clean up, move furniture back and enjoy!

What should the customer do to prepare?

*Move all art, breakables, valuable objects and knick knacks to an area of the home that is not being painted.

*Move furniture at least three feet away from walls.

*You will not have access to the areas we are working in so please plan to be somewhere else so we can complete your job in a timely manner.

*Make sure you have your colors finalized and emailed over to us with location and sheen prior to the start of your job. If you need assistance please let us know we would love to help!

*If you are doing more than just painting, (ex. floors, electrical, doors, carpentry, cabinets, etc.) please make sure to have everyone else complete their work before we come so that when we finish, their will be no other contractors there to accidentally ding up your freshly painted home. The only trade that should follow the painting is the carpet. We have found this is the best process to make sure your job turns out as good as possible!

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