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New Year! New Cabinets!

Thinking of new kitchen cabinets for this coming new year? Now you are.. and if you’re like most of us then most likely that’s something that is not in your budget during this holiday season. If your kitchen cabinets are old and outdated and you can’t afford to replace them painting them is the best solution, not only will it give your kitchen a complete new look but it can save you a lot more money than buying new ones. At Sunwest Painting we take great pride in our cabinet work.

 We have seen hundreds of satisfied customers transform their kitchen by simply painting their cabinets. We have an efficient and fast method that guarantees quality work, take a look at how we roll…

First the Prep work:

  1. Cover up: Before any of the prep work gets done, we make sure that all the surroundings areas are properly covered. We mask all floors, counters, backsplash and appliances. We remove all hinges, hardware, doors, cabinets and place hardware in a plastic bag to make sure nothing is lost or misplaced. We properly label each cabinet so we know where each belongs.
  2. Clean, clean, and sand: Cleaning is the most important step in the process, years of cooking splatters and greasy fingerprints can leave a layer of grime that obstructs paint adhesion. We will carefully clean and degrease each cabinet with TSP (a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser). After that, we hand sand each cabinet with a 100/220-grit sandpaper to create a smooth surface for priming and wipe away any dust left over from sanding.

PRO TIP: When sanding, move the sandpaper in the same direction of the wood grain. If you go against the grain you will end up with a lot of nasty scratches that will show through your topcoat.

  1. Prime: Once the cabinets are clean and smooth we apply the primer, we like to use Shellac Primer, we like shellac primer because it dries fast and flat, without brush marks. If cabinets are stained we apply two coats. Once primer dries we fix or patch any dents and apply more primer on the patched area.
  2. Caulking: Once primer is applied and dried we apply the caulk with a caulk gun and fill all seams and cracks; any excess goop is scoop off with a finger wrapped off in a damp rag. We leave the caulk dry fully and get ready to spray. (Drying can take a whole day, depending on conditions of cabinets).
  3. NOW we paint… we like to spray paint cabinets because it produces an ultra smooth finish. If there is not enough room to spray paint the cabinets in the house, we will take them to our shop and have them dry over night. We apply two coats of spray paint and once they are dried we install hardware and hang doors, the cabinets and unmask everything.

So, if you think that its probably too late to do a makeover to your kitchen before the holidays…think again. We can help you beautify your house and give your kitchen a complete makeover by simply changing the colors of your old cabinets.

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  • William E. Kessler

    Thanks for the tips. The cabinets are the eyes of the kitchen. The first thing that guests notice when they walk in. If you want to give your cabinets a fresh look, they may just need a new coat of paint.

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