Drywall Wall & Plaster Repair

Walls are not indestructible which is why at some point you’ll end up having to repair one. Water damage, moisture, cracks, leaks, and home renovations are just a few reasons why drywall or plaster repair is needed. This type of work requires the knowledge of a professional – we carry the proper tools and are well educated on what safety precautions to take to fix any repair you need.

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Tips For Protecting Your Exterior Commercial Paint Job

Repainting your commercial business depends on four major factors: getting the first job paint done right and using quality paint, choosing the right colors, pressure washing every year, and touch ups. It is recommended for the exterior of a commercial building to be painted every 5-7 years, knowing exactly when to repaint your business will help in maintaining its visual appeal and preserving its value. Below we have listed four major points that will help you in keeping your building looking like new all year long.
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New Year! New Cabinets!

Thinking of new kitchen cabinets for this coming new year? Now you are.. and if you’re like most of us then most likely that’s something that is not in your budget during this holiday season. If your kitchen cabinets are old and outdated and you can’t afford to replace them painting them is the best solution, not only will it give your kitchen a complete new look but it can save you a lot more money than buying new ones. At Sunwest Painting we take great pride in our cabinet work.
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What To Expect During Your Painting Estimate

What can you expect and what should you ask when the estimator arrives? Below are the guidelines we follow to offer our potential customers a detail quote and excellent customer service.
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Painter For A Day

Do you have a small project in mind? You might need a few touch-ups here and there. The best option would be to hire a painter for a day.  For 7.5 hours and a set price, you can hire a painter to focus on a specific project or revive your residence without spending thousands of dollars. Our Painter for a Day deal is designed to help you save time and money.

Painter For A Day – Interior Painting

This deal was created for any type of interior painting or touch-ups you may need around the interior part of your home. You provide the paint; we provide 7.5 hours of excellent labor. This deal also includes minor surface repairs and inexpensive supplies like tape and spackle.

Painter For A Day – Exterior Painting

The deal includes painting and minor surface prep including hand scraping, machine sanding, and caulking/puttying as necessary, spot –priming and painting. An additional fee is added if sprayers are required.

Painter For A Day – Drywall or Plaster Repair

We offer Drywall or Plaster repair services. The deal includes light materials such as drywall tape and spackle.

Our Painter for a Day Program was designed to help you maintain and keep up its appearance. We know that you might not always need a full interior or exterior paint job and we want your home to stand out with a fresh coat of paint.

You will be amazed at how much can get done in one day.

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Painter for a Day, Painting Deals, San Jose, Los Gatos, Palo Alto

*Painter for a day includes up to (7.5) hours of labor of painting services. The worker must take 2 breaks of 15 minutes or combined 30 minutes. Painter for a day cost includes labor and basic materials. Painter for a Day does not guarantee a finished job. Up to two hours of additional labor may be purchased at $90.00/hour. Full cash payment to be made upon completion of the painting. If the painter finishes before the 7.5 labor hours are completed there will not be a discount associated. Commercial Buildings not eligible for Painter for a Day Promotion.