What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a co-polymer formed by mixing two materials, the resin or compound and the hardener or activator. After mixing the materials, the two agents form a strong durable bond. Created in 1927 primarily for commercial purposes, epoxies are known for their durability and strong protective coatings. An epoxy coating makes for easy cleanup and maintenance. Because of this, epoxy finishes and epoxy floors have erupted in residential spaces.  It is most popular in basements, garages, patios, showrooms, restaurants, and warehouses.

Epoxy Finishes:

  • Solid Color
  • Metallic Glow
  • Flake System
  • Concrete Stain

Design & Protect

The majority of people think epoxies are solely implemented for protecting.  Epoxy flooring is more than a durable surface solution, it’s an art. We take pride in applying the epoxy flooring applicant with precision and detail. The epoxy floor needs to not only last but look great as well. Sunwest Painting offers multiple epoxy services and styles ranging in: colors, flakes,

Epoxy Flooring Process

After you fill out the FREE QUOTE form located on the right hand side of our website, we will call you within 48 hours (or you can contact us directly via phone). In speaking with you, we will get a better understanding and grasp of your needs. We will schedule a time to visit your space which is in need of improvement.  The majority of our work is priced dependent on two factors: the flooring applicant or product and the project size. Once we visit your space, we will measure out the square footage. After analyzing your space and gathering your ideas, we will recommend specific products which can treat your space to maximize the beauty and service life. Shortly following, we will send your custom epoxy flooring quote via email. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your epoxy flooring needs.

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Is it time for a change?

Are you tired of your boring, dull, and unattractive floor? Are your garage oil stains taunting you, do they talk smack to you every time you see them? Is your warehouse bland and has become a huge eye sore? If so, then let Sunwest Painting design your space.