Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Based on just how much time is spent there, kitchens are often one of the most luxurious and modern features of homes. Whether cooking and sharing meals with family members, or hosting friends and neighbors, the kitchen can be easily be considered the heart of the home. This is why so many homeowners invest into updating their kitchens more than any other room in the house, as well as spending on the best kitchen accessories from places like Factory Buys.

The easiest and most effective way to make a drastic difference in your kitchen, is by painting the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are generally expensive household fixtures to replace if you don’t like the way they look. This is why homeowners often call us to paint their cabinets. We can paint and refinish kitchen cabinets, depending on what look our customers want to achieve for their dream kitchen.

If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, it would be beneficial for you to refinish them. Repainting your kitchen cabinets can be a project that takes less time than replacing. Your kitchen cabinets can be painted and finished to achieve the professional look you want for a percentage of the cost of brand new cabinets.

At Sunwest Painting, our top-rated painting contractors can perform a variety of services. One of our most requested and unique niche services is kitchen cabinet painting no matter what kind of material or age. We have the right experience to handle your kitchen painting project.

Why should you think about painting your kitchen cabinets?

  • A lot of homeowners are saving money by “refacing” their kitchen cabinets. This is much more cost efficient than total replacement of the current kitchen cabinets.
  • New hardware like hinges and pulls help you complete your cabinet upgrade. You can also choose to sand, paint or stain the interiors for a brand new look.
  • This makeover can give your kitchen a brand new look and is more cost beneficial than installing brand new cabinets.
  • Sunwest Painting cabinet painting projects basics:
    • We will often take all of the doors and drawers fronts off-site to our specialized facility to have them sprayed.
    • All of the stationary items are then brush and rolled on-site.
    • The doors are reinstalled to finish – leaving them looking almost brand new!
  • Cabinet painting is a much easier and shorter process than ordering and installing brand new cabinets.
  • We will look after all of the uninstalling and reinstalling of doors and hardware. All that’s required of you is to remove the contents of your cupboards!
  • The decision is all up to you. If you choose to repaint your cabinets, you have the option of picking a specific color that you want.
  • You can coordinate the color of the cabinet to match the design of your kitchen or other appliances.

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Job Details


1.) Disassemble and label all cabinet doors, drawers, hardware, and hinges.

2.) Mask and cover all surfaces that are not to be painted or stained. Create a plastic bubble in the room that we are working in.

3.) Cabinet boxes will be done in the home first.

4.) Mask insides of all boxes with tape and paper for cabinets with prefinished interiors.

Solid lacquer or Paint:

– Degrease boxes, sand to remove sheen, vacuum, dust and apply first coat of primer.

– Apply wood filler or Bondo to all nail holes, cracks and areas of concern, sand, vacuum and apply second coat of primer.

– Caulk all trim and moldings.

Clean up:

7.) Remove all tape, paper, plastic, trash and tools from your home.

8.) Repeat the same process on all doors and drawers at our shop, in our ventilated spray booth and temperature controlled drying rooms.

9.) We will then wrap all of our doors in foam to avoid damage during transport. They are returned to the home and reassembled.

10.) We reassemble every door, drawer, hinge and hardware back to where it came from so there are no issues when doors open and close.

*Kitchen Painting Projects take approximately five days to complete. We can take your cabinets to our shop so you can still use your kitchen without interruptions.

*All jobs receive 2 coats primer and 2 coats of finish. We sand between every coat to crate the best, cleanest and smoothest finish possible.

What should the customer do to prepare?

*Must: Remove items from the drawers and counter tops.

Optional: Remove items from cabinets (most customers leave items in cabinets, but there may be a small amount of dust that makes it past the masking paper).

*If you are planning on putting slow close European hinges on or drilling holes for new hardware make sure it is done prior to the paint job.

* We prefer to be the last people in your home so that when we finish you can enjoy a clean dust free, scratch free kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Quote

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