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Charming Redwood City Exterior Painting

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Sunwest Painting painted the exterior of a charming Redwood City home. The colors selected are welcoming, tasteful, and thoughtfully selected. The cedar horizontal slat fence was stained with a clear stain to preserve the wood and highlight the beauty of the natural wood.

The design called for five colors. Three different shades of blue.

Siding: Deep Reservoir DE5874

Shutters: Old Mill DEA185

Brick: Periscope DE5873

Trim: Cool December DEW383

Door: Red Rock DE5097

What does the design process look like?

  1. We start with an initial discovery meeting to go over what is the desired outcome for the project and vision for the design.
  2. Our color consultant will provide curated selections according to your vision or can comb through the colors together to compare.
  3. We take photos of the home and provide renderings to see your vision come to life.
  4. Once we narrow down the selection, we will put up samples.

During the process, we will also talk about any other project accommodations and make the best product recommendations tailored to each project. We confirm the placements for each color and sheen.

See before photos for reference.